Adam Petraglia

Program Director

Washington, D.C. Program

How did you get involved with Camp One Step?

Before my volunteer days, I was a camper at Camp One Step!  ACE was my first program as a 12-year-old, eventually moving on to the EXCEL program and into the counselor role.

How long have you been involved with the organization?

I first started out as a camper, and was a camper for 8 years. In 2010, I started as a volunteer and have volunteered in some capacity ever since.

What volunteer roles have you held?

My volunteer opportunities have ranged quite a bit within the organization – I started out as a counselor at Summer Camp in a few of the programs (Stepping Up, Standard & Excursion). I have also served as a counselor for the Brain Tumor Family Camp, Washington, D.C. Program, Dude Ranch Program, Family Camp, and Winter Camp.  More recently, I have served as a Group Leader at Winter Camp, Program Leader at Summer Camp (Excursion), and I am currently one of the Program Directors for the Washington, D.C. Program.

What keeps you coming back to Camp One Step?

The sense that I belong has always been what keeps me coming back to Camp One Step. I was once the young cancer survivor in tears on my first day of camp as my mom drove away, but immediately found this place to be a second home and a second family…and I haven’t turned back since I started.

What do you love the most about the program you lead?

What I love most about the Washington, D.C. Program is the empowerment that it gives our adolescent/young adult survivors to be the voice of hope for themselves and for all of the other children battling cancer each day.  It is truly an incredible experience to see these cancer survivors speak out on a national stage.

What are some words of wisdom or advice that you would give campers? 

Always challenge the limits you place on yourself.  We already know how strong you are – we know you’re a fighter – and Camp One Step is an environment to help you grow even more.

What are some words of wisdom or advice that you would give new or interested volunteers?

Allow yourself to absorb all that Camp One Step has to offer. It truly is an inspiring place. You will learn what strength really is from these kids and will walk away with so much more found inside yourself.

What are some of your interests outside of camp?

Outside of camp, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and our pup, Teddy, and our families – all 8 nieces and nephews, included!