Dude Ranch Program and Family Camp 2020 go Virtual!

Camp One Step is proud to announce that we will continue to deliver fun, creative, and exceptional camp programs this fall through our Dude Ranch Program and Family Camp. For the safety and well-being of our community, we will host both of these free programs virtually, and will continue to build on the lessons learned from programs already held this spring and summer. Nothing can stop our commitment to the children and families we serve in providing happiness, support and community through the magic of camp!
For any camper (ages 11-16) who wants to learn more about horses, living on a ranch, caring for animals and horsemanship, Dude Ranch Virtual being held September 25-27 is the program for you! Not only will you enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, virtual parties, and arts and crafts such as making a fleece tie blanket, but take part in zoom calls with other campers to enjoy online activities with fall themes. Our amazing Volunteer Co-Leaders Kris Riley and Mark Peterson want campers to know two things. As Kris said recently “since we can’t go to the ranch this year, we are going to bring the sights and sounds to your home. Did we mention without that down on the farm smell”. Uncle Mark shared “I had a great week at Summer Camp. And even though we can’t get together in person, we have some great programming planned to best represent Dude Ranch. I look forward to seeing and interacting with our past campers and our new!’ What kinds of fun surprises will campers receive in their program care packages? Only our Dude Ranch Virtual campers will find out! To learn more or to register, please visit https://camponestep.org/dude-ranch-virtual/.

Our second Fall program, Family Camp Virtual, will be held from October 9-11, and promises loads of family fun all weekend long! Any family who has a child (age 19 or younger) that has been diagnosed with cancer is welcome to join us. This unique program connects families with each other in a fun, supportive environment where they can share some laughs, information and stories. Kids and parents will enjoy exciting indoor and outdoor activities, zoom activities, and a special educational session for parents only will also be offered. Each family will also receive an amazing care package filled with arts and crafts supplies, program supplies, treats and other goodies to make their experience memorable. Family Camp Virtual offers a great chance to relax and strengthen your bond as a family, while connecting with other camp families throughout the weekend. This year’s Volunteer Leader Danielle Shell says “One weekend to spend quality time TOGETHER is Family Camp weekend 2020! It means MORE to me now than EVER!!! Movies, laughter and FUN is EVERYTHING to me. Being safe and healthy is not just a phrase, it’s a daily goal, and what better way to ensure we accomplish all that by attending Family Camp Virtual 2020!!! To learn more or to register your family, please visit https://camponestep.org/family-camp-virtual/.
Do you have a device that will allow you to log in for zoom activities during Dude Ranch Virtual or Family Camp Virtual? Camp One Step recently launched a technology initiative where campers can borrow an iPad to take part in one of our virtual programs. We will ship you the device and include a return label to make it an easy process! If you would like to borrow an iPad or are in need of any other technical support, please contact Darryl at [email protected] Note: We know several campers already own a device, so we encourage you to test your device with Zoom prior to the program.

Celebrating National Nurse’s Week During a Pandemic: Nursing at It’s Finest
Susie Burke
Medical Director, Camp One Step

Celebrated annually from May 6th – 12th, National Nurses Week recognizes nurses for their many contributions to health care. In addition this year, the World Health Organization declared 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife to commemorate the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale, an early pioneer and founder of modern nursing. Who would have predicted that these celebrations would coincide with a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus, a virus that has challenged the health care system worldwide and highlighted the important role that nurses play in a patient’s life. Nurses are doing what they do best, putting the patient first and foremost.

Today, nurses remain on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. This virus has altered significantly our conventional way of doing business, a time when health care as we know it has changed. This has required nurses to pivot, adjust and adapt to new ways of doing things. Nurses have demonstrated flexibility in their roles, many being asked to shift their responsibilities to care for those affected by COVID-19. Some nurses have travelled across the country to support hospitals with the greatest need, while others have made the ultimate sacrifice, succumbing to this deadly virus. Nurses remain proud of the excellent care they are providing, constantly challenging themselves to stay abreast of the changing knowledge. They provide intense emotional support to their patients as family members cannot be at the bedside, ensuring that loved ones remain connected in whatever way possible, holding patient’s hands while families say their final good-byes. The emotional toll it has taken on so many is unbearable yet despite that, nurses remain resilient, knowing that their next patient is counting on them to be their caregiver, their companion, their advocate and their hero.

This year, Nurse’s Week looked different for many – instead of the usual celebrations, nurses gathered together with their health care team members, garbed in their gowns, masks and gloves, to celebrate the victories – cheering on their patients who left the hospital after recovering from this devastating virus – reuniting family members who thought this day would never come. They are exhausted yet exhilarated, knowing that the care they provided made a difference.
2020 will definitely make the history books for so many reasons – the Year of the Nurse should be one of those. I have been proud to be a member of the nursing profession for the past 40 years, but today, I stand taller and more united with my colleagues and friends than ever before. Today, we salute not only our Camp One Step nurses but nurses worldwide!

Our Camp One Step community is made up of some of the most caring, determined, and resilient people you’ll ever meet! Our family of campers, families, volunteers, staff, and supporters are also united in our belief that camp isn’t just a place, it’s a community, and it’s not about where we are, but who we are; that makes our programs so special.

So when faced with this unprecedented health crisis affecting our country and world, it’s no surprise that we are collectively saying “Camp will go on” this Summer, it may just look a little different this year. While change can be difficult at times, it can also bring creativity, fun, and new ways of experiencing camp with friends and others! This Summer, our staff and volunteers will be working together to bring camp to our kids and families. As Darryl Perkins, our Chief Programs Officer said, “Our recent Virtual Chicago Day Camp taught us that the energy that the campers have at Camp One Step is far more contagious than any virus, and transmits through your screen.”

Normally we talk about kids coming to camp, but to protect the health and safety of our kids and volunteers, we know this isn’t possible right now. So how will we bring camp to our kids? It starts with our incredible team of Program Leaders, who will be planning a variety of both virtual and at-home, indoor and outdoor activities for each of our Summer Programs (Sibling Camp, Summer Camp and Utah Adventure Program). Counselors will lead their groups in providing some virtual experiences via Zoom that will feel very familiar (like singing songs, dance parties, games, and talent shows), as well as planning some surprises that our campers can do at home with their families too! To support these activities, Camp One Step will be sending campers “care packages” to their homes, filled with lots of fun items, activity supplies, and t-shirts to make them smile, and feel our camp hug. “The opportunity for kids to connect and feel like they are not alone is more important than ever. We are so excited to offer the same fun, creative activities our campers know and love in this unique virtual way. It’s going to be a summer like no other!” said Jessica Hopper, Director, Summer Camp.

Nothing is stronger than the bonds, friendships, and connections of our community, and that is why not even COVID-19 cannot stop camp from taking place this summer! Our campers are heroes to us, showing incredible strength, courage, and tenacity on a daily basis. So we hope every eligible camper will register for virtual programs being offered this Summer, and be part of this incredible story of how camp marched on, and nothing could stop us, not even this global situation. We are Camp One Step! #ForwardTogether

Sibling Camp Virtual:
Being held June 13-18. Registration opens April 30th: (Register here)

Summer Camp Virtual:
Being held July 11-24. Registration open now through May 8th (Register here)

Utah Adventure Virtual:
Being held August 8-15.  (Learn more)


On April 17th-19th, Camp One Step hosted our first virtual program, Chicago Day Camp. We transitioned from an in-person program to a virtual program and it was amazing!! Our campers had a great time and everything that makes camp one step special, was felt that weekend.  As campers logged onto the Zoom video call each day, they were welcomed by energetic counselors and Camp One Step staff. Everyone was sporting crazy hats, costumes, and pajamas based on the daily themes! Campers then broke into small groups, and counselors led activities such as telling jokes, molding Play-Doh, and the fan favorite, creating MadLibs. Then, campers participated in virtual field trips to meet reptiles, go on an improv adventure, and practice yoga! We wrapped up each day with Camp songs! We were beyond thrilled to see how our campers engaged with the activities and one another throughout the virtual programming. Virtual Chicago Day Camp was a success, and left campers, parents, counselors, and staff smiling ear-to-ear! Thank you to all of our campers, families, volunteers and staff for making Chicago Day Camp virtual a very special one!

From one of our parents. “This was Isaac’s first time attending a Camp One Step program, and our experience was absolutely amazing. When he received the care package in the mail it gave him a new sense of excitement over what was to come for the weekend. Isaac spent over an hour with his dad the night before camp decorating his All About Me t-shirt for the first day, and on the first morning of camp he felt so special to find out one of the counselors had many of the same favorites as him bunnies and ice cream! He made friends with some of the other campers virtually over many shared interests, and he can’t wait to meet them in person.”


Camp One Step is not just a place, it is a Community!

It is a community of people who love going to camp to spend time with their friends and make memories. Program after program, we understand how much our campers look forward to sharing experiences and supporting each other. We also want to let you know that we are here to support each of you any way we can. Now and always, we are one community, One Fight One Family. Throughout time, our mission remains the same: Through community, support, and shared experiences with peers, we deliver happiness. Which is why we are making Camp One Step available each and every day.

Today we are excited to announce a new way that we can engage as a camp family, with the creation of Camp One Step On Demand. Camp One Step On Demand will bring camp to you 365 days a year. This virtual connection allows our community to create shared experiences in an all-new digital format. We created Camp One Step On Demand to offer virtual camp experiences that allow our campers to participate in their favorite camp games and challenges from anywhere. Our goal is to continue to be true to our mission and bring happiness to our campers.

Camp One Step On Demand gives us the opportunity to bring elements of camp to you, as we will be sharing games, activities, communications, and more. This is our way to offer you a virtual Camp hug because we believe that camp isn’t just a place, it’s a community.

We invite each of you to join us on this virtual journey, and stay connected as one community through Camp One Step On Demand! Please follow our social media and website for new activities that will bring camp to you!


For more information go to https://camponestep.org/ondemand/

On April 7th, over 30 of our campers are heading to Washington D.C. for a week of exploration, education and advocacy. Of course, they will also be surrounded by new and old friends they have made at Camp One Step, affectionately referred to as their Camp Family.

National Doctor’s Day provides that opportunity for us to recognize the extremely important work that doctors do – it is a day to recognize the selfless contributions of so many who contribute to improving the health and well-being of our nation – individuals who work so diligently to prevent illness and strive for health, fighting for cures through research, promoting quality care in their daily practice, preventing pain and suffering, and working in partnership with all of us to ensure that we live the highest quality of life possible.