National Doctors’ Day is a day of recognition – a time to be thankful for the commitment and dedication of physicians worldwide. This year, more than ever, physicians are being highlighted as heroes as they navigate the most devastating public health emergency in more than 100 years – the coronavirus (COVID-19). Physicians are driving the national, state and local health directives with the primary goal of saving lives – working diligently to decrease the number of people infected, reducing mortality rates, investigating possible treatments, and developing vaccines for the future. Doctors are on the front line of care fighting this deadly virus, often sacrificing their own basic health needs and protection for the benefit of others, balancing the science of medicine with the art of humanity.

Many of these physicians belong to the Camp One Step family – some returning year after year to provide medical support at our camping programs, while others serve as physician advisors, representatives to the Board of Directors, or on medical committees. All share the passion for camp and are committed to living out the mission of delivering happy, pain free medicine. Through their work, they empower children to find new hope and believe again in a brighter future. Our doctors are fun-loving, silly at times, and frequently can be found in the midst of the fun, yet they remain focused on ensuring that the safety and health of our entire camp family remains our top priority.

Today, more than ever, we stand united and proud of all of these health care professionals as they dedicate their lives to helping others, upholding the oath that they took when they first entered the medical profession. There are many heroes within our camp family, and now is the time to celebrate our physician heroes. We salute the work that they do, and are grateful for the role that they play at Camp One Step.