Program Director Emily Staudt

Emily Staudt, Program Director

Emily Staudt
Program Director

How did you get involved with Camp One Step?

I had a friend who was a former camper tell me about Camp One Step, and I was sold!

How long have you been involved with our organization?

I have been a part of the Camp One Step family since 2021. I started as a counselor at Winter Camp Virtual.

What volunteer roles have you held (includes volunteering for a Camp One Step event or TOS)?

I have been a counselor for Summer Camp, Dude Ranch, Winter Camp Virtual, Utah Ski Virtual, and Connected. Additionally, I have been a group leader for in-person Winter Camp. I am excited to be a co-director for Day Camp! I recently joined the Camp One Step Young Professional Council and have attended many of the fundraising events! I plan on joining Team One Step too!

What keeps you coming back to Camp One Step?

Without a doubt – the people! I love watching the campers try new things, make new friends, and step outside of their comfort zone. They are also the most hilarious & kind group of children and teens I have ever met. Additionally, the staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners I have met through Camp One Step are unforgettable.

What do you love the most about the program you lead?

I love introducing our younger campers to Camp One Step. Campers and their siblings get to experience the magic of Camp One Step through day field trips, new experiences, and new friends. It is the perfect way to introduce camp to our younger population without having to go to sleepaway camp. Once they come to Day Camp, they cannot wait to come back and try out all of the other camp options too!

What are some words of wisdom or advice that you would give campers?

Camp will provide you the opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and be YOU! There will be a group of people supporting you and cheering you every step of the way!

What are some words of wisdom or advice that you would give new or interested volunteers?

Camp One Step allows you to slow down and make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. You are also guaranteed to laugh and be inspired the entire time! There’s a place for everyone at camp, come and see for yourself! The volunteers are the reason camp is possible!

What are some of your interests outside of camp?

I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, cheering on the Chicago Cubs, going to concerts, and spending time with my friends and family!