Camper and Camper Family Related FAQ’s

At camp, we all know that safety is our #1 rule. We want to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy. The most rigorous health screening process at time of entry into camp would not identify all campers or volunteers who are infected. This is because individuals can spread the virus up to 48 hours prior to development of symptoms, a number of individuals who are infected never develop symptoms, and some individuals will only have mild symptoms. As a result, someone could come to camp and have the virus, not know it (because they feel healthy), and spread the virus.

Unfortunately, we cannot. Due to the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA), we are not able to share anyone’s private health information with anyone that is not authorized to have it. For example, we cannot share camper information about a camper to their own counselor, if it is not information that that counselor needs to know in order to care for that camper.

Rescheduling our in-person programming presents several challenges. Our volunteers (Counselors, Leaders, Medical, etc…) may not be able to be available due to work, family, and life commitments. In addition, we may not have the location available during a different time frame, as our partners work with other groups.

We are happy to connect camper parents/guardians via email, so that they can manage campers sharing contact information.

While we cannot share counselor contact info with campers, you are welcome to connect with them during the virtual program, as part of Camp One Step.

Virtual camp is for everyone! We will be providing both activities that unite your group via technology, as well as projects that will keep you off devices and enjoy the summer weather!

Absolutely! Camp One Step isn’t just a place, it is a community. You will still have the opportunity to participate in exciting activities and make new friendships that can last a lifetime!

Yes you can, but we would love to chat with you first! Email Devin: [email protected]

Absolutely. Part of the core mission of Camp One Step is to ensure programming is inclusive to everyone. We would also be happy to have a member of our staff or medical team speak with you prior to Summer Camp to help set your Camper up for an incredible experience!

Part of the core mission of Camp One Step is to ensure programming is inclusive to everyone.  We’d love for your camper to fully participate in camp and would be happy to work with you to make sure they can do so.  Please email Darryl: [email protected], so we can discuss a plan for what will work best for your camper.

Yes. We expect our campers would be able to attend the activities scheduled for them (both all-camp activities and activities within their program); we do understand that emergencies arise, and we ask that if that be the case, that you contact us!

We understand that things happen (e.g. emergencies, technology errors, etc…). We ask that if you miss an activity that you reach out to us to let us know. We hope that when campers and families sign up, that they are eligible and available for the entirety of the program, as we want campers to have the best experience, and not have too many disruptions to the program.

No. All Camp One Step programs are completely FREE!

No, it will not be required, but parents are welcome to assist where necessary.  Campers will be able to sign on to the Virtual Camp platform on their own once registered.

Please let us know what technology you need in order to participate.  We may be able to assist with some needs.

Please let us know if you are lacking resources needed to take part in virtual programming, as we will do what we can to support you.

As registration for these virtual programs and activities move forward, some of them may be specific to the entire family, some for siblings, and some for the camper that was diagnosed. We encourage that when possible, siblings/family may join in where appropriate. We will share that information on an activity-by-activity or program-by-program basis.

Camp One Step will be providing you with a camper care package that includes any supplies you will need for Virtual Programs.

Your Camper t-shirt will be included in your camp care package!

Camp One Step recognizes that the move to online platforms for many of our children’s activities, whether for school, camp, or other organizations, has caused an increased exposure to the internet. We have created an internet safety video specific to their interactions at camp that is available HERE for you and your camper to watch.  As with anything at camp, if you have any concerns, we are here to talk through them with you.  

To start with, the platform we will be using (Zoom) will have the added layer of password protection to ensure that no one is in our programs that shouldn’t be. But more specifically, our counselors are required to attend various webinars and orientations as part of onboarding to their role.  Internet safety is covered as part of their training, with specific emphasis on counseling with the “Rule of 3” so that no counselor is ever alone with a camper, even virtually.  Our counselors will also be monitoring all programming for cyber bullying, recognizing that increased exposure to the internet means increased risk.  We’ve also revisited our social media policies to ensure counselors understand how to safely communicate and interact with our campers.  If you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

When it became apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic could impact Camp One Step programming, we formed the Medical Advisory Committee. It is a multidisciplinary team of Staff and Volunteers which evaluates different medical contingencies, and provides recommendations to the President of Camp One Step.

Based on the information that was available, and the recommendations from the CDC and WHO, the Committee decided that the risk was too great to host in-person programming; safety is always the priority. Going forward, the Medical Advisory Committee will continue to evaluate the available information and recommendations from the CDC and WHO around infection rates, vaccine availability, level of contagion, and other factors to determine how we proceed with in-person programming.

Our Medical Director continues to evaluate our medical staffing needs. We have always been proud that we have a tremendous amount of dedicated medical volunteers, and have had medical staff at all of our in-person programming. As we move through this unprecedented time, we will find new ways to keep our volunteers engaged in our Camp One Step programs. Our Medical Director is always available for camper and volunteer questions.

We know that you may have some additional questions for us and may be looking for some resources for supporting your child and family. We will be hosting a Town Hall for parents on Monday, August 30th at 6:30-7:30 PM via zoom.  This will allow you an opportunity to ask your specific questions to many of the camp staff.  

We also have compiled some resources to support both you and your family.  Check out our developed resource pages on our website under

Volunteer FAQ’s

The great part about transitioning to a virtual program is that a lot of your role expectations from an in-person will cross over; there are a few changes that you can expect, as some of the duties will not apply (e.g. assisting campers with their Activities of Daily Living). Click HERE to view a copy of the virtual volunteer role expectations.

Summer Camp Virtual applications should be submitted via Ultracamp by May 8th.

Please visit the website under the program pages to find application information for each of our summer programs (Sibling Camp, Summer Camp and Utah Adventure Program).

The time requirement for virtual volunteers will vary depending on role, the program, and its needs.

Zoom will be the primary platform used; if you are not familiar with Zoom, we can assist you. You will not need your own Zoom account in order to participate.

Absolutely! We will be offering Zoom/tech training in advance of Summer Camp and all our virtual programs, for all who need it. There will also be components of Zoom training included in Summer Camp Orientation. You will not need a Zoom account in order to participate.

Sure! We strive to be as inclusive as possible in the virtual world as well! There will be several needs along the way that do not require technology. There will also be offline opportunities to volunteer for (e.g., putting care packages together, sending camper letters, etc.).

Though we are transitioning to virtual programming, for the safety and protection of our campers and volunteers, many of our policies remain the same. A volunteer should not video-chat with any campers outside the structure and format of the Camp One Step Virtual Program that they are volunteering for. Most likely, another adult will be present or be dropping in on smaller conversations during program activity.

Volunteers should not be alone with a camper, per our policy; this includes video-chatting with a camper alone; this extends to outside the structure format of the Camp One Step as well.

Yes! Online education and training will still be required. This also includes mandated reporter training that is included in our education and training. Although we will not be meeting in-person, much of the educational tools are still very relevant to serving our campers.

You will not have to purchase the materials or supplies needed for the camper programs; we will purchase those items, and ship them out to you (or in some instances to the campers directly).

Each program volunteer will receive pertinent information and training, which will be relevant to their role for that program. In addition to this, you may receive information about mandatory online education and training, as appropriate to your role.

Please offer them words of encouragement, support and excitement for our virtual programming, and ask them to contact Darryl Perkins, Chief Programs Officer, or Devin Ryan, Programs Manager, with their questions or comments.

We know that you may have some additional questions for us and may be looking for some resources for supporting you as a volunteer.  We will be hosting a Town Hall for Volunteers on Monday, August 30th at 8-9 PM via zoom.  This will allow you an opportunity to ask your specific questions to many of the camp staff.  

We also have compiled some resources to support you as well.  Check out our resource pages on our website at .