COVID-19 Team One Step Updates and FAQs

Thank you for being on Team One Step to support Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon recently reported they are continuing to make plans for the event. They also noted they are additionally planning for alternatives in case they are not able to hold the race in the same format. We are unaware of what their alternative plans are at this point. Team One Step will wait until further information is released by the Chicago Marathon to solidify our plans but, if the Chicago Marathon is not held, and they do not offer a virtual event, we will so that  either way on October 11th, you can cross the finish line. There are FAQs below but please understand, all information below will be superseded by the Chicago Marathon if they release different information so please consider this a guide that is subject to change. What we can assure you of, though, is that our teammates are our heroes and we will strive to make you happy however we can! Please contact me with any questions or if you want to discuss. I can be reached at 312-217-9778 or via email at [email protected]. Thank you for being part of the team!

If the Chicago Marathon is not held in 2020, Team One Step will offer alternatives for participants to run 26.2 miles and earn a medal on October 11th. The plans will be consistent with state regulations and guidelines from the Center for Disease Control. Please note that all rules set forth by the Bank of America Chicago Marathon will supersede these guidelines. There will be varying levels of fundraising options to choose from. We believe Team One Step is unstoppable. We will supply coaching, support, and cheer sections so either way on October 11th, you can cross the finish line.

That will be up to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to decide. Team One Step can assure you that if the Chicago Marathon does not automatically defer your entry, we will give you first dibs on our allotted entries for 2021.

You can opt to have a portion, or all your funds apply towards your fundraising minimum for the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Any funds you elect to help defray costs for virtual programs for children diagnosed with cancer and their families would not be applied towards your fundraising minimum for 2021 but would be greatly appreciated. Please note that any rules put forth by the Bank of America Chicago Marathon would supersede these rules.

Please note the rules announced by the Bank of America Chicago Marathon will guide us to answer this question. The New York City Marathon allowed deferrals for 2021, 2020 or 2023 if the participant raises the full amount of his/her fundraising minimum this year. The Boston Marathon did not offer deferrals but offered a virtual race instead. If deferrals are not allowed, our current participants will be given first dibs on our allotted entries for 2021. If we are allowed, your fundraising will roll over to next year.

Yes. We understand this is a very unusual set of circumstances and if you are not able to participate in 2021, please just let us know.

We encourage all runners to participate in either the Chicago Marathon or one of our alternative plans on October 11th. However, we understand this may not be for everyone so you can opt out. We respectfully ask that you raise enough to cover fees incurred on your behalf at the time of withdrawing.

We will be offering a 26.2 mile run on October 11th as well as a 5K and 13.1 mile route for those who prefer to do a half marathon or shorter distance. 

While we do not have an exact location yet, it is very unlikely that the run would be held in Chicago. It will likely be in the suburbs. Our concern is that large groups of people will be running on the Lake Front Path or in Chicago on October 11th making is a safety a concern.

We love our participants and, if the Chicago Marathon is not held and you opt in for an alternative event with us, you can expect some wonderful surprises along the way. You are truly heroes to our campers and our organization, and we will make you feel like the heroes you are!

If you opt in to one of our virtual events (5k, 13.1 or 26.2 mile runs) and commit to apply a portion or all of your fundraising to this year, Team One Step will send you a jersey, medla and exclusive SWAG. On the morning of October 11th, depending on the format of the event, we would either meet in person at pre-determined locations or via Zoom for a final prep talk from your coaches. Then each participant would run their distance. A Zoom Celebration Party would be awaiting you when you finish complete with a medal ceremony.  If we are in person, you can expect cheer sections along the way and, based on availability, our cheer sections may come to you if you are running on your own!

YES! We love SWAG and will have some created specifically for this event.

If we are unable to meet in person due to COVID-19, Team One Step will inspire you the day before the event with a Zoom filled with stories from campers, other runners, and advice from your Coaches. Our motto at Camp One Step is camp is not a place, it’s a community. Team One Step feels the same way! Our team is a community who supports one another and cheers one another on. We promise to support you if we are in person or virtually.

We love our participants and encourage you all to join us on October 11th for a team event if it is held as a small group or virtually. We encourage you to raise funds to be applied towards this year’s programs for children with cancer and their families.  Anyone opting in to raise $500, $750, or $1,000+ to be applied for this year will receive exclusive SWAG, a jersey and a medal.

When a participant signs up for with Team One Step, we make plans for a child to attend camp. We anticipate the revenue when someone signs up. Historically, when people withdraw due to injury, we respectfully request that they continue to fundraise to meet their fundraising minimum. However, we understand that these are unprecedented times including the economic impact COVID-19 has had. Therefore, we agree to allow participants to opt out but respectfully request that enough funds are raised to cover expenses incurred on your behalf.