Volunteer Forms

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Camp One Step.  Below are some of the forms and information necessary to submit to volunteer at programs.  Some of the forms are part of the electronic application process, but they are also located here to review:

  • Volunteer Handbook – As part of the online application, volunteers are asked to sign off to indicate that they have read and understand the guidelines.  A copy of the Volunteer Handbook is located here for review.
  • Social Media Policy – Another portion of the online application is agreeing to the Social Media Policy.  The policy protects campers and families from having pictures shared through social media without Camp One Step’s consent.  The full copy of the policy is outlined here for review.
  • Conference Point Center (CPC) Waiver – The CPC form is required for all programs that take place on the Conference Point Center campus.  Those programs include Sibling Camp, Summer Camp, Family Camp, and Winter Camp.  The CPC form is part of the online application process, but it is also located here for review.
  • Copy of ID & Insurance – To volunteer, participants need to submit a copy of the front and back of both their ID and their insurance card.  These can be submitted via email to Darryl or Devin, or can be uploaded directly to UltraCamp.
  • Expert Online Training Webinars – In order to give volunteers information necessary for interacting and performing appropriately and responsibly, they are asked to complete online webinars, dependent on selected role.  Volunteers must complete webinars each year, and the login information is sent directly to the volunteer’s email.


Darryl Perkins, Chief Programs Officer
Fax:  312-878-7374
Phone:  312-235-6838
Devin Ryan, Programs Manager
Fax:  312-878-7374
Phone:  312-924-4220