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Washington D.C.

2023 Camper & Volunteer applications will go live in August

Volunteers make camp happen! To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Camp One Step, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions, please contact Devin Ryan, Director Program Operations: [email protected], or Jessica Hopper, Director Program Operations: [email protected]

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After Submitting Your Application2023-01-17T08:46:32-05:00

After registering you will begin to receive the following information from Program Leaders

  • Camper Welcome notification
  • Packing list & “What to expect”
  • Pick up/Drop off times
  • Bus transportation information if applicable

Paperwork will be required for each program and may include:

  • Physical exam form
  • Health insurance information (front and back of insurance card)
  • Immunization Records
Current Safety Strategies2023-02-17T20:06:37-05:00

Camp One Step is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the individuals who participate in our camps.  With our camper and volunteer wellbeing in mind, the following safety strategies are in place:

  • COVID-19 vaccine will be recommended, not required*
  • Masking will be optional and masks will be available for those desiring one
  • HEPA filters will be used in shared sleeping rooms (HEPA filters will only be available at local programs not travel programs)
  • Pre-camp COVID-19 testing will be required
  • Pre- and post-camp health screening will be required

*Requirements for routine childhood vaccinations, which include diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox, are required to attend in-person camps.  Medical exemptions for campers will be reviewed by the Medical Director and Physician Advisor.

Camp One Step encourages any individuals at an increased risk of infection to consult with their healthcare team prior to attending camp to ensure that an in-person camp is a good fit.  If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please send questions to Medical Director, Susie Burke at [email protected]

Camp One Step is so grateful to the community for continuing to put health and safety at the forefront of all that we do.  We hope to see you at camp!


Meet your Program Directors

Kris Riley, Program Director

Kris is the parent of a childhood cancer survivor and former Camp One Step camper and has been involved with Camp One Step since 2000. She has volunteered as a counselor, program leader, medical staff and was involved in the Milwaukee Board when it was up and running.  Kris has participated in the Utah Ski Program, Washington, D.C. Program, Brain Tumor Family Camp, Summer Camp, Seabees Leadership Program, Family Camp, Dude Ranch Program, Springfield Advocacy Program, and Winter Camp.

Mark Peterson, Assistant Program Director

Mark started volunteering with Camp One Step in 2008. His nephew had battled cancer and he and his brothers became counselors at camp. They were counselors for a couple years when Mark decided he wanted to volunteer too. Mark has been a counselor for Summer Camp (Excursion, WaterSports, Excel), Winter Camp, Sibling Camp, Brain Tumor Family Camp, Family Camp, Utah Ski Program, Chicago Day Camp, and Dude Ranch Program.  He has also been a group leader for Winter Camp and a Program Leader for WaterSports during Summer Camp.

Our Medical Team

Camp One Step’s Medical Director, Susie Burke, leads our volunteer medical team. The Camp One Step medical team is comprised of volunteer physicians and nurses who have a passion for working with children and adolescents who are or have experienced the challenges of a life threatening illness. Even though it is important to have staff with pediatric oncology experience, we also welcome staff with other clinical backgrounds such as general pediatrics, adult oncology, emergency, and ICU to name a few. The medical staff work closely together in teams to address the medical needs of each camper. Our goal is to promote the health and well-being of the campers in an atmosphere of fun.

Washington D.C. Program Testimonials from Camper Parents

“[My camper] was afraid to attend camps and has separation anxiety but Camp One Step has been able to help her overcome those fears. Going to Dude ranch helped her be less afraid and more independent.”

“Fitting in and being surrounded by other kids with similar experiences is incredibly special and valuable.”

“Our kids have so much stress and anxiety. I am so thankful that you gave them a week away from their worries”
“Our kids have so much stress and anxiety. I am so thankful that you gave them a week away from their worries”

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