Program Dates: December 28th – 31st, 2021 | Ages: 13-19

Location: Conference Point Center – Williams Bay, WI

Applications close November 24th, 2021

About the Program

Break out the hot chocolate, put your cozy clothes on, and get ready to spend an amazing three full days with your Camp family at Winter Camp! The dedicated Winter Camp Admin team is planning an engaging program for campers and staff alike. Favorite Winter Camp activities will make their way to you as we return in person this December. Don’t miss out on Snow Bowling, and even a Scavenger Hunt! December is just around the corner!

Campers: We invite kids who have been diagnosed with cancer ages 13-19 to register for camp. 

Volunteers: We require that all of our program volunteers be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program for which they are volunteering.

Both campers and volunteers must be vaccinated for influenza & Covid-19 to be eligible to attend camp.

Information about COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination is one of the most important safety strategies for preventing or minimizing the severity of COVID-19 infection. Campers between the ages of 12-17 years are eligible for the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. Campers between the ages of 18-20 years are eligible to receive either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson vaccine

  • Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is a two dose vaccine, with each dose given 3 weeks apart.
  • Moderna vaccine is a two-dose vaccine, with each dose given 4 weeks apart.
  • Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a one dose vaccine.

It takes two weeks after the vaccine series is completed to develop immunity or to be fully vaccinated. In order to be considered fully vaccinated by the start of Winter Camp, you must start your Covid-19 vaccine series by the following dates:

  • Individuals receiving Pfizer BioNTech: November 23rd
  • Individuals receiving Moderna: November 16th
  • Individuals receiving Johnson and Johnson: December 14th

Vaccines are readily available and securing appointments should not be difficult. There are no out-of-pocket costs to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. If you need assistance in finding a location for your child’s vaccinations, please feel free to reach out to Susie Burke, COS Medical Director, [email protected]

The Science Behind COVID-19 Vaccines: Parent FAQs –

Top Safety Guidelines to Know

Prevention of infection through vaccination is an important component of Camp One Step’s health and safety plan. Studies have shown that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective at preventing or minimizing the severity of COVID-19 infections and is one of the key strategies allowing us to come back to in-person programs. Moving forward, COVID-19 vaccination will be required to attend any programs conducted in person. In addition, an annual influenza vaccine will be required to attend in-person winter programs.

  1. Help create a healthy start to camp: make sure your camper can cover their coughs and sneezes and knows proper hand washing techniques before arriving on campus!
  2. Screening: campers, staff and volunteers should expect to participate in screening pre-camp, upon arrival, during camp, and post-camp.
  3. Testing: campers, staff and volunteers will require testing prior to camp and upon arrival. 
  4. Vaccination: Volunteers and staff are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate.
  5. Transportation: Currently, we are planning for transportation to camp to be arranged by camper family. Transportation should not be a reason to stay home from camp; please reach out to the COS Programs Team for assistance if needed.
  6. Face coverings: Masks will be worn by all when indoors except when eating and sleeping, and outdoors when unable to maintain 6-foot distancing
  7. Cohorting: Small groups of campers and counselors will eat together, participate in activities together, and are assigned to the same housing space.  Multiple cohorts may come together for group activities in the outdoor setting only as long as physical distancing can be maintained.
  8. There will be increased cleaning on campus by professionals and the camp team.

As we move forward with our planning, we will continue to monitor COVID-19 infection and vaccination rates to ensure that they are at a safe level for re-opening in-person programs. If at any point we deem that infection rates are too high to ensure a safe and healthy camp experience, we will continue with our virtual programming only.

What to Expect