Program Director Jon Collazo

Jon Collazo
Program Director

How did you get involved with Camp One Step?

I first heard about Camp One Step from Erin H. (Program Director for Utah Ski) who raved about how amazing COS is and told me I had to see it for myself. So I volunteered for Utah Ski in 2020 and was immediately blown away by the Campers & Volunteers and from then on was hooked on the COS Community.

How long have you been involved with our organization?

I have been part of the Camp One Step organization since 2020 when I was a volunteer for the Utah Ski Camp in Park City, UT.

What volunteer roles have you held (includes volunteering for a Camp One Step event or TOS)?

Volunteer Counselor for Utah Ski, Summer Camp Virtual & Winter Camp Virtual

What keeps you coming back to Camp One Step?

The Camp One Step community is one of a kind. From the positive energy to the constant smiles, it’s hard not to keep coming back.

What do you love the most about the program you lead?

I have never personally been to Adventure Camp but what drew me to apply for the leadership position was the Adventure aspect of the program. I am an adventure fanatic and love camping, hiking, really anything outdoors and being able to bring that sense of adventure to the campers for a week is something that I’m very excited about.

What are some words of wisdom or advice that you would give campers?


Camp is a place where you can feel comfortable trying new things. It opens the door for a lot of opportunity to make new friends, experience new adventures, and make memories that last a lifetime.

What are some words of wisdom or advice that you would give new or interested volunteers?


There are no words for how amazing the campers are and they truly make our jobs as volunteers easy. Create a connection with the campers and the rest will take care of itself. If you have hesitations about applying… don’t hesitate, apply! You’ll thank me later. ;)