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From the moment a doctor utters the words “you have cancer”, time stands still and the images of that day are forever burned into memory. From that point forward, time accelerates and shuffling from appointment to appointment, hospital to hospital, and treatment to treatment takes over. A child’s perspective changes overnight, and everything is different at school, physically and emotionally, and he or she is instantly thrust into survival mode. But when children arrive at Camp One Step, everything changes once again. This time, life slows down as children are surrounded by other kids just like them. They share similar stories and inspiration is given free at every turn. New memories are etched into their lives and the kids get back to really living.

By offering fun, recreational and educational activities at camps held throughout the year, Camp One Step brings children together in a non-hospital setting where they find hope, support and understanding from their peers who understand a cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, we provide these camp opportunities at no cost to families. 

We offer our Utah Ski Program, Chicago Day Camp, Washington D.C. Program, Summer Camp, Utah Adventure Program, Dude Ranch Program, and Winter Camp, which are specifically for the child that was diagnosed. However, we recognize that when a child is diagnosed with Cancer, that it impacts the entire family, not just that child.

In addition, we offer three “family programs”. Our Family Camp, is for a family that has a child diagnosed with cancer, our Brain Tumor Family Camp (for families that have a child diagnosed with a brain tumor from birth to 19 years of age), and our Sibling Camp (for kids between the age of 10 – 19 that have a sibling diagnosed with cancer).

In 2020, we transitioned some of our programs (Chicago Day Camp and Brain Tumor Family Camp) to a virtual format. We are so excited to see our campers and families come together in their home to feel the happiness of camp! Moving forward, we will continue to have some aspect of virtual programming woven into our in-person programs.

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