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Camp One Step is not just a place, it is a community!

It is a community of people who love going to camp to spend time with their friends and make memories. We know that program after program our campers look forward to sharing experiences and supporting each other, which is why we are making Camp One Step available each and every day.

CONNECTED On Demand will bring camp to you 365 days a year. This virtual connection allows our community to create shared experiences in a digital format. We created CONNECTED On Demand to offer virtual camp experiences that allow our campers to participate in their favorite camp games, activities, and challenges from anywhere. Our goal is to continue to be true to our mission and bring happiness to our campers.

Check out the options below to join in on the fun!
Some activities may require adult supervision or assistance

Steam Activities

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These activities are all related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (& crafts), and Math related concepts.

Food Activities

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These activities are all related to Cooking, Baking, and Tasting different types of food.

Wellness Activities

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These activities are all related to Community Connection, Personal Health, and Mindfulness skill building.

Online Games

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These are some of our favorite online games to play during CONNECTED Programs. These are free to join and do not require a registration.

Songs & Playlists

songs & playlist

Check out some of our favorite songs from the Camp Song Book and Camp Dance playlists.

Check out Camp One Step On Demand in action!