Hear from our community

“Camp gave me my first real friends, a life, and a passion for helping others through horses. Ever since I came to Camp, I feel like I have a purpose in this world, and a place where I can be myself. I have a world that I can escape to where people truly understand things from my point of view. Before camp, my second home was the hospital, because the doctors and nurses knew me so well, and sadly I felt at home anytime I was in the hospital. Now Camp is my second home.”

“Peggy and I felt very isolated as we navigated through the medical world of brain tumors and faced difficult roadblocks without the support we needed. That all changed when we connected with One Step. Peggy and I have both been uplifted by a network of campers and parents who have become family to us. My daughter has since blossomed into a happy, confident, beautiful young lady who has hope for her future and camp friends who understand her. Through camp, Peggy has learned that her diagnosis does not have to limit her. More importantly, she understands now that her medical situation will not stop her from pursuing her dreams.”