Whether together or apart, Summer Camp is in our Hearts.

Can you believe summertime is right around the corner? Warmer weather is on its way and with it…Summer Camp fun!

Camp One Step is excited to share that Summer Camp is coming to our community in two different ways in 2021: virtual programming and in-person programming. Thanks to our volunteers and camper families, our virtual programs have been hugely successful. We have been able to expand our reach to include campers who are not able to attend in person due to hospitalization, medical condition, treatment or inability to travel to camp. This year’s Summer Camp virtual will be organized by typical camper groups as we have been in the past (Standard, Stepping Up, ACE, Campcraft, etc.). Each camper will receive a care package delivered to their home that will include tons of fun supplies for both online and offline entertainment.  Summer Camp Virtual will be held from July 11th – 16th during what is traditionally Week 1 of Summer Camp.

We are excited to return to in-person programs and welcome back our campers and volunteers to Lake Geneva after many months of planning! Our primary goal this summer is to provide fun-filled activities in an environment that promotes the highest level of safety.  In-person Summer Camp will be offered in two different sessions broken out by age groups (Session 1 – July 18-20: ages 7-10, and 17-20, and Session 2 – July 22-24: ages 11-16) and will give our camp community an amazing opportunity to see their friends on campus for a few days of jam-packed fun. It is a year to reconnect, make new friends, and to make new memories together.


Summer Camp may be structured differently, but the goal is the same: to provide a safe, fun experience for our camp community. Programs Manager Devin Ryan says, “Summer Camp 2021 is taking the best of both worlds and making a fantastic, unforgettable experience!  The activities being planned for both virtual and in-person Summer Camp build off of camp favorites and still bring unique fun to campers near and far.  Be sure to get your applications in soon…this summer is one you won’t want to miss!” Will you be part of the fun? We hope so! Get ready to laugh until your cheeks hurt. 

In addition to Summer Camp Virtual and Summer Camp In-Person Sessions, Camp One Step is thrilled to launch the 2021 Summer Series.  From May to September, each month a free event or activity will be offered to all current families with a camper 20 years old or younger and new families who have a camper 19 years or younger, to enjoy some camp-favorite activities.  Whether families are safely joining a drive-in movie or taking everyone to an amusement park, Camp One Step will be providing opportunities to keep the fun going all summer long!  Our first event is a Drive-In movie on May 8th in Chicago. Click here to register. Mark your calendar for June; we will be offering admission tickets to your choice of one of three amusement parks. Supplemental funding will be provided to help defray some of the costs for meals and transportation.

We know that camp will look different this year, but our entire team is confident that we will bring excitement, joy, and happiness to our community. We can’t wait to see you on Zoom enjoying time and activities together, on the shore of Lake Geneva, or in photos of you and your family enjoying a Summer Series event. As always, Camp isn’t a place, it’s a Community.